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Commercial Litigation

Corporate and Probate

The Commercial Litigation practice focuses on complex civil litigation in both state and federal court.

entertainment law Areas include:
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Consumer Rights
  • Credit Card Defense
  • Debtor Defense
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Landlord tenant disputes for private and commercial tenants
  • Probate and Trust Litigation
Most people are very concerned about various implications of being involved in litigation. Things to consider, if you are able, before entering into a lawsuit include: the costs, control over the process, the legal remedies available, the length of time a law suit may be pending, and the potential outcome of a case.

Developing the best and most appropriate litigation strategy specific to your needs, while keeping the costs within your budget is a number one priority. You should not go into a lawsuit with the goal of simply punishing the other side. Civil litigation should only be pursued if you feel you have legitimately been wronged and through discussions with your attorney you determine there is a legal remedy at law.

Hilary Metz has been key in representing investors in large shareholder derivative suits, some with over 60 defendants. In handling these matters she has designed and implemented the entire discovery plans that ultimately drive and allows the case to be ripe for trial.

The majority of matters handled are in Miami, Broward County, or West Palm beach, however attorney Hilary Metz is licensed and available in New York as well.