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The Firm provides multiple services relating to your entertainment law needs both for transactional purposes and in the case of litigation.

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Metz has been involved in the entertainment industry since a teenager and has first hand knowledge of the various aspects that come with being a performing artist in both music and film.  Metz has been fortunate to have and continues to work with some of the greats in the music industry.

Many artists have numerous questions regarding what royalty collection company they should use, to whether they should hire a manager. Both are important decisions and could have costly side effects, positive and negative.

The three main royalty collection companies are ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. Many artist do not know that they should sign up for ALL three, yes, all of them. Determining which agency you should sign up with as a writer versus publishing is what needs to be evaluated. Each company has its own benefits and disadvantages related to time frame for payment to what types of venues royalties are paid for.

entertainment lawAnother big concern for artists and potential managers is “Should I sign a contract with X Artist/X Manager?” It depends on each individual situation and experience. Before going into a contract each party should have their attorney review and revise the contract. Make sure your attorney is familiar with the music industry, what it takes to record an album, what touring is like, what to do when concerts are cancelled. Also, before signing a contract make sure your attorney understands your level of experience, your goals, your budget, and more importantly, each of those aspects with regards to potential management.

These are a very limited number of issues that artists need to contemplate. We can assist you with management contracts, limited and 360 agreements, song split contracts, production contracts, writers agreements, copyright assignment, publishing agreements, licenses, publisher and royalty agreements, and producers contracts.

The firm does not view entertainment clients as a handling a transaction, we know that the process to your success is on-going and we can assist and advise you every step of the way. Entertainment law is a unique field and many of the nuances even with contracts are completely different from ordinary contract law. You should discuss your attorneys background and experience with the entertainment law in making your decision to hire an attorney.